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6 Features Of Granite Kitchen Countertops


Here is just one more motivation to help you make up your mind for once and for all over the installation of a granite kitchen countertop. Perhaps you might have thought; but those granite countertops near me are rather expensive. Well, they would be. They would appear to be the case when you compare them to the cheaper laminates you’ve been using all these years. And how many times have you had to replace those then, hey?

And that’s just the thing, the positive properties of granite, evidence certainly suggests, far outweigh all the cheaper alternatives still the purvey of hardware stores and warehouses across the country. Provided home remodelers have taken full account of the good housekeeping measures after their granite tops have been installed, these formidable kitchen set pieces will last a lifetime, in one piece and without a scratch to boot.

So, without much further ado, let’s take a look at the positives in the short space left. Because of its legendary hardness, granite is resistant to heat. So much for the old saying; if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. Noteworthy for even the clumsiest of kitchen handlers, granite is also resistant to cracking, chipping and scratching.

granite countertops near mepositive properties of granite

The durable granite countertop is also resistant to typical kitchen stains and bacteria. But provided that kitchen users take advantage of a cleaner specially formulated for cleaning these surfaces, cleaning is easy when using traditional soap and water. To ensure the longevity and good condition of your granite top, occasional sealing is recommended. Again, this provided that it is done in accordance with laid down guidelines.

Experts believe that the installation of a granite kitchen countertop can improve the overall property’s value by as much as one hundred percent. Apart from the reward of monetary value, the aesthetic benefit is a sight to behold.

So, just imagine how much your property’s value increases over a period of, say, thirty years. While the erstwhile property owner is enjoying the esthetics of utilizing her functional kitchen with her granite countertop as its focal point, next-door neighbors may have had to make several replacements or refurbishments of wood or laminates down the years. Granite also lasts twice as long as soapstone and quartz.

The thing about granite’s appearance, never mind its non-enforceable qualities, is that it always beautiful to behold. The stone is naturally appealing. It is textured and gently hued. And its aesthetic beauty is no match for all the other alternatives, even if it is cast in stone.

Well, there you have it. Half a dozen features of a kitchen countertop made purely from granite have been cast in stone. What more can be done to motivate the case that granite is by far the discerning choice when comparing it to all other alternative, including the brittle marble. Tough beyond comparison, durable and easy to maintain, nothing beats the look, feel and use of a granite kitchen countertop.